About Coachman Ridge


Coachman Ridge is a neighborhood of 255 single family homes, bound by Old Coachman Road on the west, Northeast Coachman Road on the south and east, and Stag Run Boulevard on the north.  The Coachman Ridge subdivision contains almost 102 acres of land, which was first platted in 1981.  The major strengths of Coachman Ridge include a location that is convenient to work, schools, shopping, and its close proximity to parks and trails in the surrounding area.  It is also a safe and quiet neighborhood with a low crime rate.  The neighborhood also has underground utilities (a definite plus), as well as good drainage and very low risk of flooding.  The homes are well kept and maintain a varied architectural character.

Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District (NCOD) 

Coachman Ridge is proud to be the premier NCOD in the City of Clearwater.  The NCOD incorporates the Coachman Ridge deed restrictions into Clearwater's Community Development Code.  The city, in partnership with our Homeowners Association, can now uphold the standards to which Coachman Ridge was built.

Coachman Ridge NCOD document 

City of Clearwater adopted long-range plan for Coachman Ridge

Deed Restrictions

Coachman Ridge is a deed restricted neighborhood.  This means that there are restrictive covenants written into the deed limiting or restriction the use of real property.  These covenants are typically put in place by the original developer and apply to all homeowners.  For example, there are minimum lot sizes and minimum square footage for the houses.  When enforced, these covenants protect the established character of the neighborhood, thereby protecting quality of life and property values.  When you purchase a home in Coachman Ridge, you agree to these covenants.

Coachman Ridge Deed Restrictions

Code Compliance

As part of the city of Clearwater, Coachman Ridge also wants to help ensure a safe and pleasant environment.  We work with the Clearwater to help increase awareness and understanding of city codes which we hope will maintain the economic viabiltiy of our properties.  Some of the more common code violations, which directly affect our neighborhood are listed in the Code Compliance guide.

Coachman Ridge Homeowners Association By-Laws

The current homeowners association by-laws are listed here.

Coachman Ridge Map